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We use Botaniqa products for all our dogs from MG HUNDVÅRD

Belgrad IDS Serbia KennelClub 8 March Judge: Rajic Bransislav,Sl
Chkl E1 CAC Cacib BOB Champion Serbien & C.I.B Champion Ch & JChBla Skuggans Xcellent Choice. own.Jana Farbakova, Slovakia

Reykjavik/Hafnarfirði Hrfi IDS 1 March Judge: Harry Tast, Finland (9)
Open E1 Ck CAC CACIB Bf-1 BOB BOG-2 Islandic Champion Jun Ch Bla Skuggans Zilver Spirit. Own. Elama Cates, Island

#1 & #2 in China 2019

#1 & #2 in Denmark 2019

Top Bedlington in Island 2019

And proud of our own veteran with great result 2019
(only showed 2 times and also survived an emergency pyometra)