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Charles just before he left to his owner Constanze Rubart in France in January 2012

Justin, Charles and Paris

Justin 13 nov before he left - Charles trimmed 30 nov and Paris 19 nov before she left

More pictures of Paris, Justin and Charles from 29th of October (9 weeks old)

Paris - Justin - Charles 9 weeks old
(Multi Ch Bla Skuggans Give Me Five - Multi Ch Bla Skuggans Have A Nice Day)

Paris / Bla Skuggans On Line In Paris -exported to Usa

Justin / Bla Skuggans On Stage With Justin - exported to Usa

Charles / Bla Skuggans On Tour In France - spoken for, exp.

Some new pictures of Melwin and Julias puppies 13 okt - nearly 7weeks old

Food is life!

Spicey is helping with the cleaning!

Playtime !

Are you not coming for a nap? OK !

Now lets sleep for a while.

Some new pictures from oktober of the 3 brother and sisters(nearly 9 month of age)
by Multi Ch First Class Sir Lancelot Of Blu Diamond - Multi Ch Multi Winner Bla Skuggans Glow In The Dark
All 3 very succesful in puppyclass / in Best in Show puppy

Bla Skuggans Mission Possible "Ludde" own by Svetlana Pryakhina, Russia
Bla Skuggans More Passion For Tutu "Tutu" own by Kazumi Abe, Japan
Bla Skuggans Make My Day "Spicey" own by Ann-Marie & Rolf Lyberg, Sweden

Internationell Swedish Danish Norvegian German Champion
World Winner 2002 - 03 EUV-05 SW-01-03-05 NW-03 NordicW-02-03 CopenhagenW-01-02-03-05
Bedlington Of The Year in Sweden 2003 Bla Skuggans www blaskuggan com.
11 years old the 28th of september.
Pictures was taken the 2nd of October 2011

New pictures of Melwin and Julias puppies 3 okt - 5 weeks old

Justin bathed and trimmed

Charles bathed and trimmed

Paris bathed and trimmed

Melwin and Julias puppies 23rd of september 4 weeks old

From left: Justin - Paris - Charles




1st picture from left :Paris & Charles 2nd and 3rd from left: Justin & Paris

Picabo and Lance puppies 3 ½ weeks old 14 th of march

Pictures of Spicey and Tutu 7 weeks old

TUTU / Bla Skuggans More Passion For Tutu

SPICEY / Bla Skuggans Make My Day


LUDDE / Bla Skuggans Mission Possible

Pictures today 7th of feb on the puppies by Lance and Gnistan. They are 3 weeks on wednesday

Female puppy 1

The male - just look at his wonderful wide back and long step

Female puppy 2

Pictures today 2nd of feb on Ch First Class Sir Lancelot of Blu Diamond "Lance" and
Ch Bla Skuggans Glow In The Dark "Gnistan"
puppies 1 boy 2 girls 2 weeks old today