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Final trimming 5th of march on Bla Skuggans Limeted Edition "Nisse"before he is leaving to his new country/owner

Nisse is just over 3 month old now (born 30th of november 2009)

We wish Nisse good luck with his owner!

Some winterpictures from february

Our little new pride Bla Skuggans Limited Edition nearly 3 month old here.
"Nisse" will soon leave to his new owner and his new country!
His father is: S DK IE CH EUJW-07 HU Club Winner-08 EUW-09 Bla Skuggans Give Me Five
His mother is: S DK CH Honeymist I Have A Dream

First time out in the snow for nearly 8 weeks old Bla Skuggans Limited Edition "Nisse"
and sister Bla Skuggans Lady Gaga "Ella" the 22nd of January 2010