2024 we celebrate 60 years with our own bedlingtonterriers !
We have bred more then 149 Champion and they are all around the world !
To this we can add 19 imports or bought dogs all we have made a Champion !
2020 we can add one more country we have exported to :

Canada, China, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Hungery, Holland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Polen, Russia,Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Tjeckien, USA

Puppie plans spring/summer 2024
more info under puppiepage

Owner of The Hamiltonplaquett by the Swedish Kennelclub
This prize is a honour prize for successful breeding. We are the only bedlingtonkennel
still active who has received this award.
The Swedish Terrierclubs Breeding Medal
This honour prize is for successfulo breeding of Bedlingtonterrier.
Rolf Lyberg is honour member of the Scandinavian Bedlington Club
More awards see page About Us
We are breeding quality not quantity .
We have a small breeding in home environment,
for company/showing/agility/obedience
Kvalitet inte kvantitet
Liten uppfödning i hemmiljö.
Till sällskap/utställning/agility/lydnad


We use Botaniqa products for all our dogs

Goetz has his own page on Facebook just click on the link

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